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Grit it is perhaps the most important characteristic we can find within human beings, the ability we have to affirm our own essence in the face of life, the world and our difficulties and perhaps the first time I was confronted with this essential characteristic was in the film, it marked a great deal part of our lives as teenagers and young people, I remember the first time I came into contact with this film when I was in sixth grade and without a doubt, Star Wars is an absolutely inevitable film for almost everyone of my generation. Markedly Manichaean in the way in which good and evil is accomplished, it is nevertheless simple in its formulation regarding the relationship that exists between generations.

It describes quite well the generational conflict at its deepest core, i.e. the relationship between father and son, the father's affirmation in relation to the son could also be the daughter's affirmation in relation to the mother, i.e. the need we have to demonstrate to our parent of the same sex that we have our own identity and our own way of being and living in some way be completely broken and give in to what is the way of being and being in our father and our mother depending on whether we desire a man or a woman without a doubt something that has to come with an absolute defeat of what is our own ability to build ourselves as human beings and it is without a doubt that what is reflected in that film somehow makes us feel at the same time powerless but with faith and hope in what we they are the energies of the universe and the elevation of vibrational patterns in order to find a way to where everything seems to be lost.

The most iconic scene is perhaps found in the second film of the first trilogy, that is, the moment when young Luke Skywalker faces his father who he doesn't really know how to be or whether he wants to coexist with the need to be himself. The biggest fear we can face is looking at our own existence and not being sure if we are walking the right path, we often walk just because we have to, there is because we are driven by the need to help others, those who help us. are close without realizing exactly what breaks our identity within us.

Only when we are confronted by the people who are closest to us and who try to define the path for us in some way, tell us where we should go and what we should avoid, we truly realize that we are not it depends on them but it depends only on us and our own essence Taking the right paths regardless of what happens around us in this aspect we know how to create our own barriers or borders in relation to other people's reality and discover what is true or what we know as our own and deepest purpose depends only on opening up to ourselves, even if this often involves choices that lead us to confront our own family, our father, the paternal influence, the family constellation that we anticipated and All of this tells us that on the one hand we have our blood, but on the other hand we have our intuition, what comes from within and that it proves from a greater force that surpasses us that directs us to carry out what in some way was an internal mission. but it was entrusted and from the moment we realize that we are much more than our family, our parents, others, what is a past and that we have a personal mission that has to be fulfilled.

We realize that when we do what we do, when we choose the What we choose we do not for ourselves but because there is a greater force because in truth we are all children of God and we live in a higher vibration and when we want to convince ourselves that we are less and that we depend only on what a parent or someone close to us wants to direct, in truth we are completely limited in our own Vision of our essence, our dimension and what our life mission is and the reality that surrounds us, that is, ultimately, what we saw in this space promote what, in the end, was destined for us as a strength We could call God what, in the case of Star Wars, was undoubtedly some force.

The force that was generated from the inner cells themselves at the level is nothing more than the divine and Interdimensional dimension but at the same time intimately linked to what is the concept of science for the notion of God. Star Wars, in addition to being a deeply Manichaean film, as I already mentioned, is undoubtedly also a film that is essentially based on the ability that we have to look at the world in a different way from our own essence, believing that transformation always awaits us throughout of our life of our journey and that this entire passage through this world is discovery and that we are not in any way trapped except by our own mental chains what are our duties obligations in relation to what is our family in fact the heroes of this saga, be it Luke Skywalker or Rey Palpatine, they are orphans of their own families and their own thoughts, abandoned in some way to their fate, they end up discovering their mission through what is the confrontation with reality.

They make themselves self-made, they are self-made men and in some way they make themselves from what is left to them, they find their greatest family in humanity and without a doubt they have a spirit of mission. This mission is what makes them Jedi, knowing that there is a tenth film on the way, there is no doubt that even so, when watching the 3 trilogies, you continue to understand that and perhaps in the first trilogy, the one that was still directed entirely and without the use of special effects by the great master George Lucas, that we can´t live without.

There is no doubt about interpreting and realizing that the meaning of Star Wars is much deeper than working on generational issues or the distinction between good and evil, the existence of God on Earth in facto it goes much further than that, it is deeper, more human, the essence of the voyage presents us with an essential touch on our nature, transform ourselves as human beings, overcome ourselves and able us to the miracle of the revelation that it is without a doubt through free will that we can overcome ourselves as human beings and overcome that basic notion that we are limited to what is destined. It is evident for us, as human beings, that blood is stronger yet in some kind of way this movie show us a different tell, the is a way that we have to give, improving our family destination and it´s possible to redefine the essence of the core values of family.

In fact we realize through this film that we are sons and daughters of life, and that we constantly object to what our own dimensions of reality are, the vibrations we want to be in and above all the values we want to assume as our own when we realize that we are much more than just what is intended for us at the outset, we quickly realize that despite the existence of family constellations, the influences of society and everything that wants us to make the decision ultimately ours and that it is above all In free will, in our ability to permanently recreate ourselves, we can find our greatest strength and also the conviction that there is always hope and faith if we can believe in ourselves in what our values are and in our need to transform ourselves, which also says that we are not dependent on addictions or any type of obligation that is imputed to us from the outside and that we have the strength within us to make ourselves bigger and better than what is the reality that surrounds us.

And from the moment when we embrace this our year and truly realize that the strength lies within us and that we have all the capacity to transform ourselves as people, improve daily to achieve increasingly higher goals, we realize that nothing is beyond our reach and that Above all, we have a permanent obligation to serve God and that which is the universe, as it is this, without a doubt, that inculcates us and gives us the ground.

Ultimately, we realize that we are all children of God and that this eternal and divine fatherhood is, without a doubt, Some are the truest, besides, we are all brothers, some on the right path and others on the wrong path, and we do not have the right to judge each other, but rather to serve each other the human being in the best way we can, because through him we truly find ourselves as brothers. and if we know how to truly live this reality, we will realize that life is nothing more than a passage of constant transformation of our impermanent illusions.



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