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I take this opportunity to present a board, to reflect and present a method through which ethics can be worked on in a profane world. Thus, in the workshops themselves, through knowledge of astrology, tarot, psychology, NLP and occult sciences, through deepening the techniques of neurolinguistic programming, it is possible to develop ways to make the work to be carried out in each area more effective. of life. After going through two near-death situations, I realized it was time to write, and to do something that went beyond my egoic dimension. It is a vision and life project, which develops the three Masonic dimensions, working on myself, working in service to society and also working in a lodge. This project is essentially aimed at all those who want to understand themselves and what they choose, in freedom, to embrace and understand how to do, based on their life mission, their work in the profane world. In the end, it is the operative vision of working on raw stone, through which Masonic teachings inculcate in our spirit, as Freemasons, free men with good morals.

I initially designed a board about relationship workshops, which covered astral houses five, six, seven and eight, a board that had been designed for Valentine's Day, and which ended up being postponed for a while longer, the board is written and does not mean that it cannot be reproduced at a later time, but it seems more important to me to reflect now, even in the light, of some recent events in our store, in the so-called initial or basic workshops. These have more to do with the degree of apprentice, and with our age of three, since it is from these workshops, we work on our confidence and external image, our internal image and resources, our communication and our dominance on our emotions, correspond respectively to the workshops of the gym, the safe or bank, the newsroom or newspaper, and finally the workshop of the nursery or childhood.

The names are directly related to the areas of activity to which they relate, with the balance we need to have in these areas of life. Thus, the first house is related to the vital energy that emanates from our body, our physical shape, how we project ourselves in life, and everything we do to mark our position in the world, that is, the Gym. It is directly related to the energy of Aries or Ares, lord of war. We work here based on the values that this workshop instills in us, bodily responsibility, the duty we have towards our body, our greatest instrument and what we can do with it. This awareness is essential for where we want to get to. Our body is our first standard, for ourselves and for others, long before we know what someone is going to say or not, it is that person's physical presentation that tells us everything. It's not even interesting to give time to a person who doesn't physically attract us, who somehow doesn't catch our attention, this is unconscious, and works according to an identity pattern. Our body image defines what we project into the world, it captures us by its immediate meaning. Our self-image and sense of personal value is clearly defined by our physical gifts, by the way we look in the mirror, however much we want to say that this movement is futile, it is a basic reality of life. What is at stake here is personal energy, the ability to attract others, to please and win them over, and to please ourselves, first and foremost. After all, everything starts with our presentation, before ourselves, and only then are we impelled, by the energy we put into our external image, our first presentation card in the world.

There is therefore a set of ethical values that must be worked on at the level of this workshop. The first value is the notion of intensity and speed, which can only be achieved through slow processes, resulting from an urgency to resolve, to transform, to do, practice as the master and constant and permanent repetition as the path to excellence. In addition to the first value which is intensity, there is a second value which is delivery, this means that there is permanent and constant work of maturation and improvement here, as every time a physical exercise is repeated, it becomes It's easier to do it, and this is the other fundamental notion of this workshop, commitment. A third value is deliberation on objectives, that is, the intensity of delivery, which results from a natural ability to be directed towards objectives, and like fire, consume them quickly, making us able to be absolutely unstoppable in achieving these goals. objectives, which we choose to achieve, developing a necessary competitive capacity, which is absolutely fundamental in life. All of this leads us to bodily responsibility, which implies being able to control our impulses, knowing exactly that the body is an instrument, that it is at our service, that it must be respected, and respecting ourselves, and those around us. our limits, we start to respect others.

But if this is fundamental, it is also crucial that the person knows how to be enough, control themselves and knows this about themselves. We refer here to the second astral house, which we call the Bank's workshop or Safe. We talk about internal balance, the ability of a person to be congruent, to build solidarities and to be able to maintain them and above all balance in the way they govern their economic life, their money, as well as their resources, their knowledge . Your ability to reach others depends, therefore, on the way you progress and evolve intellectually, spiritually, financially and in terms of assets. This depends on their ability to self-knowledge and develop the necessary skills that allow them to feel good about what they have materially, and from this security, help society. The security that results from the ability to control one's resources, gives the person, through personal knowledge, the possibility of developing and becoming congruent, using these faculties and capabilities, to help others. This well-crafted house brings you absolute control over yourself, over your goals and allows you to develop not only fruitful work, but also essentially achieve high personal goals, which free you to put those resources at the service of the community.

The values of this bank or vault workshop are, first of all, the ability to accumulate resources, which can be knowledge, material goods, instruments necessary for work, as well as the knowledge necessary for their management. After this value, which requires discipline and focus, follows the necessary awareness of the need for investment, the necessary development of the capacity to apply and control the investment, which implies putting into practice what was initially working on. A third value is the observation of risk, in this aspect it is necessary to balance the focus, to be able to adapt and defocus and refocus, the ability to manage resources, as the market is volatile. The fourth value is the development of awareness of financial or management responsibility, knowing the balance between giving and receiving, finding the ability to be a manager of one's own person, this implies knowing how to lose, to be able to invest and knowing how to win, to be able to maintain the balance, control and focus on your own image, the one you keep of yourself.

The third house, is the editorial or newspaper workshop, it has everything to do with communication and the way we impact others, through our mental capacity, through the way we relate to those close to us, our neighbors, our friends , the family. It is through communicational honesty that we are able to have a correct relationship with everyone who is close to us. This communication is selective, it is not global communication, it is not for the whole world, nor is it communication for a close partner, in terms of what is a delivery or living for the other, it is a communication with ourselves. It is not a dispersed communication, it is rather an internally directed communication, with ourselves, which is articulated in all the small communications that may exist. Being a workshop governed by Mercury, the God of communication, this gives it great instability, and a permanent change typical of mental energy, and closed on analytical assumptions, which this house imports. However, it is essential that we understand its importance, and that we know how to use it in the best way. It forces us to be truthful, since the communicational responsibility, which emanates from it, requires us to do so. If we don't know how to communicate and think, that is, use our mental side, we will soon have a good external and internal image, the impact on the world and the amount of resources at our disposal, and if we don't know how to keep our feelings, under our control, mental capacity, we lose the best we can do, with our abilities and skills.

The values that are worked on at the level of this astral house, the newsroom, or the newspaper, are first and foremost essential for the formation of a good mentality. The way we communicate with others is important, but so is the way we communicate with ourselves. Truth, as an essential meaning of life, implies that we have the ability not to dissociate ourselves from our internal truth and mold it into models of virtue. So the first value is correctness in language, from the correct word emanates the correct thought, which gives way to the correct action and builds the correct behavior. The second value is the ability to synthesize, as correction and adequacy of points of view, and here the ability to not lose your integrity, knowing how to change and adapt your thinking, to what is fair and correct. The third value is the transformative dimension of communication, of its power, as in the first workshop the ability to be dominant and violent, and in the second workshop the ability to invest and gain influence and resources. It is essential that the master of this house is able to refocus and dissociate, without losing the values of equality, freedom and fraternity, because the power that results from communication requires great responsibility. Avoid lies, the creation of alternative facts, or FAKE NEWS, as we say today, danger of a poorly carried out dissociation. The fourth value is communicational responsibility or journalistic responsibility, it implies being a guardian of the truth, first and essentially in relation to oneself, because true power is power over oneself. What you do with information is a power, which must be used in favor of the freedom of others, as an affirmation of your own freedom of expression, a commitment to the truth of the facts.

Finally, the fourth house is the nursery workshop, of deepest childhood. What is at stake is working on feelings from childhood, deeper into adolescence, it has to do with the formation of the human individual based on their feelings, working on them to achieve the emotional stability we need to have, in order to achieve our objectives. Just as the body directs us towards goals, as a cardinal driving force, here too there is a cardinal force, but it does not come from the body, but from the ability to understand our own feelings and work from them, our emotions. This is so that we can be emotionally stable and also commit our emotions to the goals and missions we have at hand. It is also a workshop, where we can learn to know ourselves better and love ourselves from our core, from everything that comes from childhood, from our mother, from the influence of internal creativity, from childhood, and above all from our ability to transmute our internal energy and has a direct meaning in our life, for projection into the world, where we can finally be welcomed, based on our own essence.

The first value is the construction of identity and personal feelings, rooted in being able to feel pain and let it go, releasing the pattern of initial happiness that comes from childhood. The second value lies in stopping just feeling your pain from the past so you can be empathetic. The third value is rooted in the development of empathy, in the sense of reciprocity that includes you and others, in communion as your own internal cement. Finally, emotional and sentimental responsibility, which consists of realizing that I have an obligation to heal my injured child and all the traumas of my past, so that I can be free and be able to help others who have the same limitations.

Operative astrology and tarot essentially seek to be based on the principles of Freemasonry and work on human behavior. Being a Freemason means working on yourself, working in the world and working in the workshop with your companions, those who are close to us. This is also the idea that supports the division of the twelve workshops into three groups of workshops and according to this division, we classify three groups of workshops by size areas. The first area is the basic workshops, the second area is the relationship workshops and finally the higher workshops, which concern the relationship with the collective. The first have to do with the degree of apprenticeship, in the sense that they work on the basic values that we have stated here and that we have developed, because without these basic values, which we have already considered, the human being is not prepared for a relationship as a couple, nor for the relationship in society, that is, in terms of neurolinguistic programming, he is not aware of the third preceptive position, the way I see the situation from the third, society and the State.

To reach these dimensions of knowledge and human nature, and understand how universities, government bodies, unions and guilds and temples and churches work, we have to understand, firstly, how the individual with himself. How it works in a relationship with others, in fact, will be completely impossible for someone who cannot control their own impulses. It is in the first four workshops that you will learn how to do this, through bodily responsibility, financial responsibility, communicational responsibility and emotional responsibility, without which you will not be able to go further. Because these are the foundations of a balanced human being capable of controlling what he says, what he does, the money he has, and the emotions that the world provokes in him and that he has to know and direct in his favor.

It is completely impossible for someone who has not yet mastered these responsibilities, and the rules for how they operate, to be able to somehow master and understand the responsibilities that follow, and which already imply the relationship with the partner, with the person who finds himself alongside and finally with the guilds and associations to which he may or may not belong, in a responsible, adult way, in which he really manages to be congruent and produce value in these institutions. As well as in the interests that you may join, because if you cannot control your own impulses, it will be difficult for you to be a valid member and make a difference according to the capabilities you have, in these other workshops and in these other challenges, which are found further along your journey. We have to see this path in an integrated way, this effort for personal improvement, must be exercised in your personal, relational and finally gregarious journey, as it is impossible for the Freemason to be half freemason.

What we currently see in the profane world is unfortunately the profanation of all these values. Since bodily freedom, the freedom to project our own image, financial freedom or resources are increasingly threatened, since general and financial illiteracy is increasing, as the assumptions of literacy do not are taught, making people believe in a false limitlessness of resources. Likewise, communicational freedom is threatened by the growth of manipulation of social “information”, with all the consequences that this has on political power itself. Likewise, emotional and sentimental freedom is completely hostage to a serious crisis of mental illness, which we are going through at the beginning of the twenty-first century, and which is perhaps the biggest pandemic we have seen since the values that were taught and maintained through public schools, they began to be shaped by the disorganization of the curricula, which essentially resulted from the overlapping of the economic factor with the public school factor. Let us not have any illusions that all these options, which have been taken in recent years, in educational matters, make the profane world, today, the denial of the four basic workshops, with serious harm to those workshops that guide human relationships, and more Also important are the workshops, which guide relationships in society.

Until we realize that the areas of knowledge are directly related to areas of work and life, practical areas, which must be guided by principles, which exist to be followed and perceived, and can be transformed through the natural evolution of mentalities, but not can be destroyed or belittled, because it is understood that it is a matter of opinion or dogma, when what it is truly about is functional and behavioral knowledge that exists to protect freedom itself in its various aspects, we will not have a balance that allows a full freedom.

It has been believed that we live in a world in which democracies are clearly expanding and that ignorance, prejudice and fanaticism are banished from the world. All of this would be true if the values that enclose each of the twelve workshops had been saved. They correspond to the internal capabilities that we all potentially have, but which have to be worked on in order to be used, for the benefit of the collective and the common good. Currently, we are experiencing a crisis of values and principles, above all of profound ignorance, complete prejudice and a certain fanaticism, against common sense education. It is currently deeply believed that the basic principles that kept the pillars of the world standing no longer make any sense. Namely when what is feminine or masculine may cease to be so, or not depend on human genetics, but rather on any mental conviction, and all of this could not be possible, if we were careful to protect bodily, financial, communicational and emotional. Many of the new beliefs that want to be imposed derive precisely from a wrong understanding of reality, because the truth has become what we want to believe in and not what we seek to discover, with responsibility. Because financial responsibility no longer makes sense, since debts are no longer payable, they are always negotiable. Because the fundamental principles of hiring have become exceptions and non-compliance. Because the responsibilities for our own feelings, about our childhood and our past, began to be neglected.

It is impossible to maintain bodily, financial, communicational and feelings freedom if we do not work on our deepest levels of identity, if we are not able to love our body, be responsible for our resources, communicate with truth and a sense of ethics and are not capable of overcoming our own emotional barriers, realizing that we are not victims of circumstances, but builders of our own future. Only by mastering the first four workshops can we be prepared to relate to others, dominating the stages of life, serving with devotion, building solid partnerships with our companions, having families united in affection, so that we can have justice for all, good governance of public affairs, people's participation in democracy and a collective sense of belonging to the great architect of the universe.



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