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The present time is a time of paradoxes, at the same time that we build machines that allow us to perform complex and time-consuming tasks in nanoseconds, our young people lose the ability to question and be uncomfortable, seeking immediate satisfaction instead of contemplating opportunities for change. of perspective that can only emerge with the time given to the study that provides wisdom. Society has become digital, we no longer need pen and paper, and keyboards are no longer physical, they have become virtual, which puts information just a finger away, children are taught via tablet, cell phone and the computer, parents are happy for their children to be busy because it gives them some time for themselves. Entire families surrender to information and the addictive way in which they consume new digital products, without realizing the manipulation that sales impose on them and which allows a new form of slavery, the need for instant satisfaction.

Speculative knowledge is constantly faced with the challenge of information speed; in today's society, wisdom and knowledge are easily confused with information. We live at the pace of 4G or 5G, in a time of sensations, also marked by the constant need to change, accumulate and consume, without realizing that we are absolutely giving up our freedom and our time in exchange for pleasure and dopamine. In such a society, it is therefore increasingly common to move away from speculative thinking, perhaps because it is not commercial, or does not allow such immediate pleasure, and the most daring sellers find here a new opportunity that consists of finding a supposed new speculative thought. a new mecca of profits, here mixing the new age vision loaded with ecological concerns that only serve as an allegorical decoration with the aggressive sales, creating yet another commerce now aimed at the generation Z market, creating apps to meditate or instantly travel to India through of a set of immediate procedures, explaining that it is easy, immediate and that doing it yourself has always been there, all of this accompanied by a facilitative language, everything of course is just a click away.

What does all this have to do with the influence of celestial bodies on the physical world? The answer is simple, to understand and absorb a certain type of knowledge and wisdom, it is not enough to click on a computer and wait for the information provided to do the rest, knowledge or perception of the influence that results from celestial bodies in daily life involves opening the mind and body, or the chakras, being willing to let yourself be surprised by sensations, operates on a physical and kinesthetic level, involves understanding the baggage we carry, who we are, what filters we use, turning the focus inwards, more that thinking implies feeling, implies acting and implies accepting, this state of mind is incompatible with the selfish need for more dopamine pleasure, because when we look for fulfillment we are in imbalance, we look outside and not inside. In today's time, it is easy to look at the astrologer as someone who sells snake oil, who sells custom-made illusions, who actually solves nothing like a Delphic oracle, who only says exactly what we want to hear, but does not accomplish what we want. what we want to achieve. Astrology has nothing to do with answers to doubts or material or immediate questions like whether I'm going to get married tomorrow, or whether I'm going to find a job that suits me, because these are answers that everyone knows very well and can only be achieved through the use of their freedom. , by your choice and free will.

The true astrologer develops speculative thinking, seeks to identify signs, understand words and touches, it is more important for him to understand the hidden meaning of certain events than to worry about the immediate response to needs, to ignore this is to not even understand the purpose of astrology. Deep astrology is concerned with the path, with the purpose of each human being and is personal, it starts from the need for each person to know themselves and want to know where they are going through the perception of celestial bodies, so in the first analysis it is necessary to assimilate the meaning of each of these bodies and how they relate to the individual who was always born under certain influences, but this does not mean that there is a formula, which will explain everything about a given individual, just because we know the stars under which he was born.

One of the most common mistakes is to consider that astrology consists of a static system of classification and framing in closed categories, as in the natural model in gender and species, that is, by analyzing the map of celestial bodies on which the individual is born it would be possible to have a reading key for the individual, similar to a DNA test, which would allow individuals to be classified into groups, ignoring individuality. Such a conception also ignores place, culture, family and personal history and most importantly, free will. Astrology is not incompatible with freedom of choice, it fully accepts that the individual is free and that their natural tendencies or characteristics can be applied as they see fit, just like a navigation chart, it only warns where you will find more turbulent waters, where the your vessel will encounter tides and currents that are favorable or adverse to it, the ability to be an excellent sailor remains up to the individual, depending on their decisions. Thus, a question asked to an astrologer about what he should do can only be answered by indicating the difficulties, never with a direct answer that describes exactly what will happen.

Astrology is a meta-model, that is, a language to define characteristics of individuals, so there are other meta models, neurolinguistic programming has its own meta models, psychology, sociology and in a context of healing and treatment of pathologies Psychiatry also uses this trend framework. Astrology was born at the same time as Astronomy, and astronomy's interest in celestial bodies was simply to map the universe and not so much to perceive the influence of these celestial stars on individuals, nations and events, however astrology, astronomy and navigation, has a common denominator which is algebra, all three are exact sciences, but they also all require speculative knowledge, because in science all theses are capable of being updated, nothing is static and at the same time their scientific fields they imply the impact on the physical world, whether inanimate bodies such as boats or aircraft, people or the placement of stars in the universe. The need for speculative thinking results from the complexity of the world that is the object of these sciences. Knowledge of the individual is as fundamental to astrology as knowledge of the vehicle is to navigation.

What is impressive in this admirable new world of technology is the ease with which any theses in the area of ​​astronomy or air or sea navigation are accepted, however absurd they may seem, many that challenge Galileo, Kepler and Newton with new theories such as the hollow earth or flat earth thesis, which takes us back to the time of medieval obscurantism, which makes us realize that so much information circulating does not prevent or prevent but rather consolidates ignorance and obscurantism, theses that invoke the names Einstein, Tesla, in a mixture between politics and astronomy, ignoring the specific fields of each science, as if freedom of expression was somehow implicated in the public exposure of manifest ignorance transmuted into a new science. It's not wrong, questioning, on the contrary, it was questioning that always allowed evolution, but wanting to support a thesis against scientific evidence based on interests, is not science, nor is it politics, it is simply manipulation of uneducated masses.

We live in a world of paradoxes, in which new so-called scientific religions emerge, in which science turns into religion, and this phenomenon has the simple explanation of the fact that we have stopped teaching how to think critically. The crisis of critical thinking is inexorably affecting our society, the consumer paradigm is not concerned with truth, beauty, knowledge or even coherence, everything goes in the name of the market. We have reached a point of no return with the new generations who arrive at jobs with high addiction rates, with serious pathologies in terms of their ability to interact and relate, because they have never been taught or learned such values, because educating and inculcating values ​​implies more that simply transmitting information implies listening, implies accepting the other, the student, the person. It involves understanding the baggage he carries and having the availability to do so. But here it is necessary to understand under what conditions the teacher works, what conditions he is given what is asked of him. We are being transformed into salespeople in all areas of knowledge, but science is not sold, it is built.

In this reflection of mine, I could not fail to mention what motivated me to study astrology or the knowledge of the influence of celestial bodies in the physical world and particularly in the world of people, it was the complexity and dimension of free will, which results from its knowledge, without compromising on being a confessed supporter of navigation and astronomy, which I consider to be sister sciences, more devoted to the study of the impact of celestial bodies on things and vehicles, and to the study of celestial bodies in themselves, their nature and chemical composition and how relate to each other in the universe, it is in their relationship with human beings that I find the greatest usefulness in studying the astral chart.

Another common mistake is to consider astrology as stagnant or limited, which is to ignore its nature as a complex science, seeing it as predestination. Astrology, as a science that studies complex realities, is naturally interested in the more specific knowledge it provides. Take for example, if an individual was born under Mercury, or under its ascension or ascendant, naturally knowing about the formation of this planet, icy in its core and gaseous on the surface that always rotates regularly at high speed, can tell a lot about the natives. of twins and virgin. It is disputed that Virgo is subject only to this celestial star, understanding Ceres as coregent.

Even so, speed and thought as well as the capacity for analysis mark those born under this planet, mythology also defines Mercury as a messenger of the Gods, so communication, expression, but also knowledge and analytical capacity are fundamental to the versatility and capacity for interconnection of those born under this planet, but despite being the same planet it has different behavior depending on whether it rules those born in June or those born in September, since even though the same planet in June rules an air sign, Gemini and in September it rules an earth sign, Virgo. The natives of these two signs have both things in common and differences because, like an actor, the planet highlights different attributes, being above all versatile and fickle in June and analytical and fearful in September. We cannot infer that a subject who does not have any planet in Mercury is not a good communicator, just as someone who is ruled in any of the twelve placements of the astral chart by Mercury is a born communicator, it will be enough for him to be in retrograde for us to see an inversion of the good characteristics into their opposite temperament.

But there are no two natives who were born under the same sky, even if they are Siamese twins, the difference of minutes is enough to determine changes in their ascendant, even if the sun or base sign is the same, the image that is projected onto the other and the image we have of ourselves changes in quarters of an hour. The combination of personal, social and transpersonal planets changes in the space of minutes and is also different depending on the latitude where the individual is born.

The planets are the active principles of astrology: they are the ones that convey and specify the qualities represented by the signs. In an astrological chart, eight planets are generally analyzed: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – and two luminaries – the Sun and the Moon. From an astrological point of view, the planets represent facets of individual or collective existence, types of activities or aspects of human consciousness. Over time, man's analytical spirit tries to discover new criteria that enable a better understanding of planetary activities and also new interpretative possibilities. Planets can be grouped according to their symbolic function. The Sun and the Moon, known as Luminaries, represent the great human polarities: the Masculine and the Feminine. The personal planets, Mercury, Venus and Mars, show the basic expression of personality. The social planets, Jupiter and Saturn are related to the social aspect of the human being. Finally, the transpersonal planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto symbolize transformation and regeneration. The complexity of human beings, their conditions of personal evolution and the way they are educated also plays a fundamental role here. The ascendant is this image that projects onto the other, but it is not an essence defined by the base sign, the characteristics and essence of the individual. The ascendant develops mainly from adolescence, contact with others, it is the image that is projected that does not always match the essence.

On my personal journey and with Venus as my ruling planet in May, I always find rest in the contemplation of beauty. The feminine sign, the admiration for beauty, proportions and balance, however, often allows itself to be dominated by passions and the need for security, for solid earth, for pragmatism at all costs, and for a natural persistence, far from Venus in October where balance manifests itself above all in social relationships, the supreme need to balance and measure what is said and how it is said, which sometimes leads to indecision so as not to hurt, here balance is a gentle and delicate breeze, however the planet is the same, associated with mercy, in mythology, the Goddess of Love. The conflict between the projection of my ascendant in Virgo, associated with the planet Mercury, messenger of the gods, and my Moon, in Cancer, feminine principle, in its own house determines the way I feel, accentuating intuition, making me sensitive and rational, therefore there is no major conflict with the essence, nor with the projected image, creating complementarity. Astral hell, the opposite is found in Pluto, and in Mars, in the constant conflict that these planets represent, life in its complexity defines that attraction occurs between opposites, the sign of Taurus is opposed to Scorpio and the from Libra to Carneiro, in the circle of the astral chart, with its twelve houses, like a wristwatch with its twelve hours. Strangely or not, my personal experience has proven the navigation charts, but the baggage we bring and the deep emotional events better explain the affinities and differences that we as human beings develop.

My biggest difficulty when talking about these topics in today's society is overcoming labels and stigmas, above all explaining the usefulness of speculative thinking to those who want solutions and immediate and absolute proof of infallibility, that epsis verbis was predicted, which someone would say, like a fair fortune teller on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Whoever seeks it must first of all want to know themselves, through this meta-program understand deep emotional events, because it always works like a mirror when deepening astrological knowledge, we deepen knowledge about others, but fundamentally about ourselves, rarely about behavioral predictions of stock markets or cataclysmic events, because speculative thinking has nothing of futurology, since the future depends on free will, it is not pre-determined, nor is true astrology a pre-destining religion. Even so, I will say that knowledge of the stars and their movement can anticipate more or less important crises, that co-worker who was born under the Mercury sun and desperately seeks the approval of her employer should not do so when the planet is in retrograde rotation, which occurred in March this year and will occur at least twice more until the end of the year, because the influence of this rotation causes precipitation and nervousness, so there are very concrete answers that knowledge of the movement of celestial bodies can offer. I know that this science seen in this way is not usable for sale as many would like, because it is not instantaneous and that is the secret of the contemporary world, but these are the signs of the time, let us wait, my brothers, for days that are more illuminated by the light of reason that raises consciousness and extinguish the shadows of ignorance.



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