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Divergent, insurgent and convergent

thesis synthesis antithesis

focus defocus focus

triple movements of evolution in which we leave the comfort zone, pass through the challenge zone and reach the growth zone, on any path always maintain identity, focus, capacity for placement, knowing how to say no and positioning towards shielding.

12 workshops as seen and how it is achieved with the techniques and capabilities of the other workshops the workshop and the workshops an end within an end understanding the complexity of the concept and context of the 12 workshops realizing that each person sees and achieves themselves in the other workshops from the Vision of your workshop itself, understand what sport has to do with the body workshop, one that Sports can be connected with the remaining 11 workshops in relation to resources, understand which resources each of the other 12 workshops works with in addition to the resources workshop itself, which essentially works with money, being able to make this projection of other workshops is absolutely essential to develop the concept that a workshop contains within it the orientation towards other workshops, how the workshop sees the relationship with the rest no concept extensive complexity combating the linearity that one might think this concept has.

The adaptive capacity links with other top technical workshops for example in workshop one the high intensity training also known as hit in workshop 2 the ability to develop principles based on valuations being able to see the positive side of institutionalism.

12 workshops of life and professions all 12 professions or all 12 areas are linked to 12 workshops or professions, but can be applied to other professions or also be a reason for perceiving the remaining professions of other workshops from the perspective or Vision through a work never focused on blurring the synthesis or even on insurgency in relation to what is the essential principle of transformation.

Insurgency as an essential principle the ability to be insurgent based on our own perception of life and the world, being able to look at others and their own ways of being and thinking and from there transposing it is your own workshop, the idea is that we all have the 12 workshops and we have to be masters in the 12 workshops within ourselves, then we choose one to teach and learn, the one that has more to do with our own human nature, but in no way can we stop being masters in the remaining 12 in a way to perceive and understand how others work. THIS will help us to be much more regulated and self-regulating and to be true mediators. Then we understand and will be able to put ourselves in the other person's shoes through empathic achievement.

Specifically in the 5th house, the ability to create characters, the ability to leave your comfort zone and realize that we have 12 workshops inside, making it possible by doing laboratory work to seek out each of these hidden characteristics to develop the best performance in the role that we are asked to do. based on the ego but on the very essence worked in each of the 2 workshops within us, this is the technique of modeling personality and adapting reality according to the internal perception capacity of our transformative adaptive essence, being like the force knowing how to put hands in the dragon's mouth being simultaneously flexible, adaptable and at the same time solar and dominant. Here, the so-called excellence circuit as a preparation movement of Neurolinguistic programming may also be important at the previous moment.

Specifically in the 6th house, the ability to organize your time and serve others, being able to leave your comfort zone, that is, even in moments of pain and physical difficulty, take care of your health first, but secondly, be able to project your own internal energy to carry out tasks, carrying out a task, however minimal it may be, encourages a new direction in what is the construction of internal capacity and the transformation of means into objectives.

Specifically in the 7th house, the ability to see ourselves in the way we dress and the way we choose our clothes and this also influences the way we organize our own home, being in harmony with ourselves, preparing contact with others based on that which is our own ability to know how to be within ourselves, first of all, to develop self-love, attachment to what our own internal values are, to discover and what capabilities and ikigai and ways of being with ourselves in a harmonious, centered and above all aesthetic way.

Specifically in the 8th house, knowing how to listen to others, understanding their differences, understanding their nature, respecting their space, shielding our own space from what is our own notion of individual identity, seeking the capacity for individual identity, not just to project our transforming essence but essentially to know how to be with another, accepting what they have to tell us, knowing how to separate what is mine from what belongs to the other, understanding what the other brings to the relationship and what I bring, being able to listen beyond mirror being able to understand beyond feeling the internal opposition to our own existence.



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