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Caitilin Moran, brings us a moment of reflection and knowing that house three is above all realizing that an opinion can be perceived as a truth, and that everything we write hurts, and when we use words to attack we can see the other side of ourselves and that not everything is acceptable, we pay the highest price of surrendering our soul, we collect the pain and remorse of being aggressive like communication.

Communication that is only at the service of dissociation without communicational responsibility, where we use it at the service of destruction, mercenaries of communication, we hit and destroy the other for their public image and we feel like gods that are never controlled or controllable and we feel power for being free to say what we mean and we have never felt so alone as we destroy our family, our friendships and everyone else around us, it feels good to have the power of the word and dissociate, to then come the agony of regret and the pain of what we left destroyed behind in time.

From the original HOW TO BUILD A GIRL, Caitilin Moran's story makes us reflect on the path that a young writer takes towards her own personal transformation and necessarily as a content creator. Being a writer means creating content and being responsible for the content that is created, but we can never ignore that we are a consequence of our personal journey and for that reason we are obliged to have a clear notion of the responsibility that is knowing how to write about others, there is a respect that goes far beyond the respect for the source that any journalist should have. Respect for the source is not protecting the source just because it is our deontological duty to do so, respect for the source and also respect for the other for the human being for his history for what he is. There can be no personal involvement, but we all know that this is exactly what happens in any human relationship, we admire we hate we feel even when we write about someone or essentially when we write about someone.

The story of the journalist who falls in love with the young and promising talented singer, leaves her with a dilemma, to be able to respect the love story that ended with her rejection or on the contrary to use everything she has everything she knows to be able to destroy the someone else, that singer who in the end became a reference to an enemy. It takes maturity, but the temptation is strong when you are deeply hurt, being able not to hurt directly collides with our need to defend our own honor or our hurt that everything did not work out the way we wanted.

After going through a dark phase in which she ends up destroying the reputation of artist after artist and disposing of the most intimate part of someone who trusted his own secrets as a friend, the young writer goes through the drama of hating herself and for the remorse of having given up his best friend, in exchange for a moment of revenge just because there was no love correspondence.

Destroying the reputation of your own father in your family and all the spiral of hatred that generated the discovery of uncontrolled communication is similar to the behavior of the physical aggressor, which we find in Hawk from Cobra Kai, that is, what we say and write is identical to use of the body to attack the other.

And without a doubt we feel powerful when we master a technique, or an area of life, it brings us dignity, it brings us a sense of ourselves, respect for us and a sense of our value of our dimension, but we just stop at this, we have no value because we hurt others around us because we are excessive because we don't respect the other we don't know how to see the limits of what our power is, and only when we are there with that power in our hands and after we have made a mistake, can we truly use those same gifts to make the way back, assuming our mistakes as publicly as we assume our glories, disposing of others and their mistakes, and we begin to realize that we all make mistakes, that nobody is perfect and that, fundamentally, it is necessary not to get lost in the dissociation that causes domination of our own and others' opinions through writing.

The ghosts and the past bring back the need to change, the weight of what has been done cannot be lifted and the need arises to be different, to grow, to live a correct life, and at that moment the code of the 3rd house, of the editorial office it starts to make sense. How to be stronger, how not to lose myself when opinion becomes the constant truth and we start to breathe the mantra, that there are no truths, that everything is points of view, and that what must exist is universal acceptance as a line of dust that makes us dream of a world without consequences, without morals, without barriers, where we will be accepted by the power of saying everything, even if it means hurting others around us. And when we use our ability to write to judge everyone else and convince ourselves that we are in the domain of our maximum power, because that transparency, clarity and assertiveness will free the world, because the focus is no longer on protecting the other, the one we love , but the need to hurt him because we were hurt, at that moment freedom turns into emptiness.

And when we are in that emptiness, we realize the responsibility of the act of writing, and we go back to the basics, knowing how to write and respecting grammatical rules, opens the door to a clean expression, and when we communicate from our Heart and with what we feel we achieve be clearer, and when we begin to feel what others feel and transform it into words, we begin to love life and realize the meaning that it brings us temptation to say what no one else says because somehow we think it will make everyone else see with our eyes forgive and admire each other's most heinous acts, just because we're in love, and our ability to tell right from wrong it stopped making sense because we embraced the freedom to accept the world and the other as he is, we passed the barrier of what is acceptable and we started to hurt through our cold capacity to depose text and in words what belongs to the other of their intimacy of what belongs to them to him and that it shouldn't be revealed before the world, just because we think the world will obey what we think we write and ask.

And we finally realize that speaking from the Heart does not in any way mean controlling the world and others even if it is already with good intentions, because manipulation transforms us into beings increasingly trapped by our own verbal limits.

It is at this moment in which we master the skillful ability to associate and associate thoughts with words and actions that we finally realize that it is not enough to know how to write correctly, to realize that the world is made up of opinions that are different from each other and that each one is true, including us in their own own personal opinion, but even so there is something greater the true request that comes from the heart that opens life to us and it is only when we begin to have a notion of the risks of rising and falling to Earth in terms of our capacity to dissociate that we understand the need to set a limit.

We cannot expose the other, however much we have feelings for that person and however much we come to life from our personal exposure because we live in an uninhibited way we cannot drag the other as if it were our property with which we can do everything including expose the image.

It is from here that we stop living our narcissistic dream, we start looking at the other, respecting him, realizing that he also has his needs and times and not interfering in a constant and permanent way through our opinion we consider truth and emotionally correct request, so that we understand that there is no morality or neutrality in what we say either. Nothing is neutral, nothing can be considered neutral, everything has weight and value.

The code that we developed from that moment then imposes on us that we have the perfect perception, that the first rule is assertive and clear communication, bluntly without illusions, to completely accept the opinion of others, and to know that the opinion is contained within it a personal truth of each one.

The third step is to dissociate what is our truth and the truth of the other, but without falling into morality or immorality, thinking that everything is valid and that in this way we can do everything we want in relation to the other in terms of communication and of opinion, under penalty of slowly sinking completely into our own internal destruction, our remorse and pain for everything we did with others that we did not know how to accept.

And it is at this moment that the fourth commandment or the fourth step arises, that communicational responsibility respecting the request of the other and our own request when we communicate and knowing how to stop, knowing how to respect, even if that means selling less or not getting our stories to be popular, because there is a duty that goes beyond earnings, which is communicational responsibility, which is respect for others and for ourselves that dignifies the work we do in this workshop.

To be able not to betray, not to expose is to be able to show your side, the other side behind the mirror, make it go up and down, dissociate to associate and not be afraid to verbalize the request to realize in the end that they reap the consequences of acts and that friendships are lost when the whole truth is not told, the other side of the story is the ugly part that puts us in check, because if we want it not to be violent, communication has to start from a clean request and that it only appears when you start from the heart and accept what does not depend on you and at that moment we can descend to ourselves and feel good about ourselves, the vibrational level can rise and fall freely.

Galadriel, it's wanting to stay in this world, it's keeping the course, it's returning to face each other and knowing that in the end Venus and Mars is the axis of life, and to build a writer is to build life. Knowing how to face fears, put them on paper and reinvent yourself over and over again.



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