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The freedom of the first workshop is related to what we can do with the body, realizing that the use of the body is what allows us to transform our own image daily, according to our choice. It is realizing that the body transforms as it wears out and wears down, that it adapts to each transformation we promote. The more we use our body, the more it develops, everything we give it energy and will transforms and improves. This freedom depends on active work, it is also a form of service, since through the service we provide to our body, we learn to value it and thus we also learn to respect the bodies of others. By taking care of our body, we learn to adapt to each climate change that occurs to protect that same body. As soon as we learn to defend our body and boost its energy towards our goals in a fully committed way, we discover a consciousness and bodily responsibility that directs us to defend our bodies, those of others, as we defend our own.

The freedom of second workshop and the freedom of resource creation, we are not truly free if we are not economically independent. The idea that only when we know how to manage our resources will we find the true form of freedom means that we are always considering what we can somehow accumulate to invest so as not to waste. The idea of investment that generates resources in itself can only arise from the moment we are willing to risk losing, it is the patience to accumulate and it is the patience to, after investing, know how to withstand losses and difficulties. This faith in the ability of resources to build themselves depends on a deep knowledge of the nature of these same resources and the ability to wait as a farmer for the Earth to bear fruit. It is also a form of service since we dedicate time, energy and will, carrying out a dialogue that surpasses ourselves and in service to others. We can only expand our economic security if we effectively invest in our ability to transform reality. within us and around us and in doing so we are undoubtedly also serving others to create security.

Freedom of expression, freedom of communication, the ability to be and understand other people's universes, the way in which others think differently from us, but that we have to know how to respect limits, a deep commitment to the truth, freedom based on the ability to accept differences in the integration of all others in a society increasingly open to what knowledge is and also at the same time the deepening of that same knowledge through permanent contact between cultures and ways of being and thinking that are different from each other but end up forming a unity in what is open communication based on expansive non-violence that helps solve difficulties through communication and that undoubtedly brings the depth of communication as a transformative element of reality. It is a Supreme form of service that is essentially based on our ability to be authentic and true to ourselves, the ability, initially, to be equal to ourselves, to say what we think, there is a commitment to the truth, this commitment to the truth that does not imply deepening but which implies above all the ability to accept others as brothers and to support them permanently is undoubtedly the added value that we can find here in terms of service through communication.

The freedom to feel the freedom to be able to express our own notion of individuality, our traumas and our internal inabilities that have been worked on over centuries through successive reincarnations in what is the constant becoming of the human soul in which we learn to respect others but also ourselves, our own history, our personal evolution, this freedom comes from behind but goes forward in terms of what is the construction of a family constellation, based essentially on the ability that we have to understand that we are not isolated, that our feelings They belong to a universal becoming in which we have to integrate ourselves permanently in transformation and where we have to identify our individuality transformed through trauma. The service we provide to ourselves and others when we identify the feelings and emotions that formed our reality in the past and that now no longer exist is also the way of accepting and welcoming what the other person's feelings and will are in a form of service. which essentially involves understanding ourselves so that we can communicate and accept and integrate within ourselves the feelings and emotions that others bring to us from their own intrapsychic experience, a form of service through the education of emotions, it is a form of service which protects not our physical body but our psychic body.

Freedom to be able to perform on stage, to be able to choose what we want to be, the way we present ourselves to others and the world, the way we build our own emotions as we express our feelings and our creativity on a stage, look at the world and others from what is our own internal creation the entire expression of art in mine in its deepest sense the ability to discover in ourselves senses of art our own individuality the way we touch the world of others essentially the way we play with ourselves and with others and discover our own individuality creativity personal sense of transformation the way we feel in the flirt relationship the way we look at others from our own notion of self-love and we know that we are what we want to be through our own individual and unique way of being that is expressed through a deep creativity that crosses time and space and that has to do with our essence and our mission in life. There is a profound mission in the ability we have to free our own soul to serve others through the way we act and express ourselves permanently in the face of the reality of the universe. We are undoubtedly providing a service, the service of delivering to others what is our our own essence, the way we are and live the way we are in front of our children, the way we educate those close to us through our own solar energy is undoubtedly some form of supreme service.

Freedom to work as a team Freedom to choose what we do and how we do it How we serve others and how we can deliver our own sense of individuality in what is service by working by building common goals by creating teams that are effective and achieve achieve your objectives based on work organization criteria that allow us to somehow control everything, to be more effective and efficient in carrying out our functions in favor of collective objectives. Without a doubt, the Supreme form of service is a freedom that has to do with the ability to be responsible for what we do to others at each moment and to realize that we are not alone, but that we form teams for greater goals, protect the lives of physical life the health of each and everyone seek to establish support groups in which we find freedom of communication in the way we support each other, and how we help save lives. The best way to understand this idea of freedom, which is essentially based on service, here freedom and service form a single reality, it is indistinguishable the way in which at this workshop we work not only on our learning capacity but also put it at the service of others to achieve greater goals which are in particular the protection of the health and essential physical health of others, this dedication to others and yours to their development is, without a doubt, a supreme form of service in which we understand why everything we learn is put at the service of the collective freedom and service as a single reality United through the search for common goals to save the lives of others to develop the physical and mental health that emerges from the moment we work together.

Freedom to love, to look at others, but also to affirm our own individuality, which is born from what is an initial mirroring of the ability we have to form families, commercial companies and all types of business and partnerships that develop from a freedom of authenticity in in which we share knowledge to achieve objectives, we are here in a situation of working for each other but rather in a situation of sharing and partnership with two entrepreneurs who truly have the freedom to seek knowledge together as they do not compete with each other but compete with their own constant evolution to create new products that can truly conquer the market and from there establish what the partnership between partners the ability we have to create businesses discover new realities without a doubt that this is the Supreme form of freedom to level of what can also serve to form a family, that is, what is a partnership from a man-woman conjugal point of view, which also has to do with this ability to mirror the other but at the same time to show our individuality, all of this is a form of constant work service and service in favor of the Constitution, firms and companies, whether merely commercial or of a conjugal nature, truly here we are looking for a service that produces correct communication between the parties in which there is mirroring but also affirmation of individuality and the capacity for mental work together.

Freedom to love sexual freedom the freedom that has to do essentially with our ability to see the other's body but also our ability to see the other's limits and our own limits realizing that sexual freedom has everything to do with accepting the other How It IS the body of the other and our own body, being able to from there outline a new reality about ourselves and the world, not being afraid to transform the world around us based on what is respect for the other for their individuality but in which the defense of our own individuality and the affirmation of our personal values also appears. and this freedom that we have to identify the difference between what is ours and what belongs to others and end with what does not have to continue, knowing how to mark our own borders and limits, knowing how to shield our own existence, without a doubt the basis for us to have a full service to others because only when we know how to clearly delimit what is our own notion of individual space can we truly make room for others to also have their individual space. This service of accepting others and perceiving in others what their individuality is is without a doubt a space of service that implies immense freedom, that of transforming reality around us based on the knowledge of what is ours and what belongs to the other. for the construction of a true deep intimate interaction based on feelings and emotions that is also sexual and asexual.

Freedom to learn and develop higher studies freedom to travel or transform our own horizon our dimension expanding cement our ability to look at the world and others from what it can bring us again realizing that the world only exists from the eyes of what we see and feel but also based on what is the will of the collective to realize that we are essentially what we learn to do with others and that above all it is through this freedom that we create the norms and rules that allow us to live in society and giving each one what is theirs this freedom can only exist within that which is the creation of a law and a clear service there is an increase in service here as we move away from what is the individuality of the basic workshops of individuality in the eyes of relationship what we are looking for is essentially to give each person what is theirs and realize that we can only function when we realize that we are not individually nor in relationship with one another but rather in relationship with the collective and that from this idea of collective we can truly develop the Vision of cultures that dialogue with each other and that do not destroy each other but are capable of respecting each other based on what is the basis of the law, the legal and civil responsibility that implies above all a constant service of giving This service of justice or rather this service of law is, without a doubt, something that has to do with the creation of States of law with limits but also with higher university studies in which we can understand the differences that allow us to legislate in a clear and integrated.

Freedom to be as a collective society that organizes itself, the organization beyond the laws has to do with the execution of the same with the creation of what are political bodies that allow the governance of Nations and from here create, without a doubt, freedom that exists to make political decisions that can in some way help the collective and at the same time protect the interests of individual groups and especially minorities, the ability to exercise the will of the majorities without crushing the minorities is without a doubt a balance that essentially passes through control of dependencies and needs that have to be properly defined and differentiated, it is necessary to be able to impose limits because there is no freedom without responsibility and without limits and here there is essentially the need to put up barriers to at the same time allow individual interests to emerge properly protected by the law but also by the organizations and bodies that put the law into practice, more than the expansive idea of the law, what is at stake here is the restrictive idea of the law and the law that allows the protection of different realities, ecosystems that have to be protected in order to that they can develop there is a mission of service here in which individuality does not exist in which we have left behind the relationship with the individual and with others with whom we have built partnerships we are far beyond that we are here building relationships between different social groups through the law applied to them for what is social peace and the creation of social wealth that allows the prosperity of the community and the service to others through Public service, the idea of Public service appears here for the first time through not only the primacy of law but essentially its practical execution in carrying out what are missions of delivery to the collective, the people, the population, those who need to be served through public policy.

Freedom to express individual interests through collective movements the idea of trade unionism the idea of the existence of associations the idea of the existence of collectives and groups that can defend interests and groups of interests of the defense lobby of what are the capabilities of lobbying together to the decision centers, namely the centers of political decision exercised through what is the collective will of all those who defend a set of particular interests but which in fact connect them together the capacity for organization the capacity for public demonstration the capacity for defense of expression jump through what is social communication focused on public interests focused on the defense of the collective the defense of interests and values freedom of association of expression freedom edification at a collective level of social ideas that can change society and transform its paradigms that can somehow institutionalize new interests, new pressure groups, new lobbies, that allow greater integration, greater participation of different interests that are not politically represented and that, in some way, can appear with their tendencies, principles and values to enrich what is political activity but essentially to assert themselves through what is the defense of such individual interests, all of this is a form of service. A service provided to the qualities of individual groups, services above all of democracy and individuality that can thus enrich what is the public structure of power that already exists, without a doubt that we are at a higher level of service or service in which we completely suppress the individuality in favor of what is the collective interest of defending a new expression that is also based on technology, evolution, the ability to integrate these new technologies and evolutions, namely artificial intelligence, in what is the defense of human values and interests for a transhuman future, each increasingly strengthens through individuality and individual creative capacity through a collective exercise that defends a new Vision of life and the world.

Spiritual freedom freedom to know how to express and accept differences what we are before others but before ourselves not to be afraid or afraid of being what we have to be before others and before what we are and choose to be the ability to dilute ourselves from the unconscious and subconscious completely dissolve into what is a new perception of reality based essentially on the acceptance of the other from our own internal essence the ability to realize that we are connected and that at the same time that decisions do not have to be taken but have to be essentially accepted and perceived the inability to be alone the need to be permanently in communion and conjugation with others feel energy and share the collective in what is a dance through our own internal being that is not afraid to express itself through communion and collectivity the perception that individualities do not have to express from the moment they are perceived in a way that is essentially based on feelings and emotions in which there is still a clear notion of the difference between what is mine and what is which belongs to the other but in which there is the collective perception of what is the self and the other and the collective forming a single transformative and transformative essence of reality, a perception that transcends us as a transhuman reality that makes us reach the divine dimension of what is truly a transformation in collective and the freedom of all expressions and freedom of worship in collective is the freedom of perception of our interior through the exercise of what are our deepest expressions of individuality through what collective movement. Here we are faced with universal service, a service that is essentially based on the ability to understand that we are not for ourselves. But we are for a collective that permanently integrates us based on our individual transformation and that makes us evolve and we are in the process of evolving to a higher level in which we only exist dissolved in a notion of collective understanding that will form us forever.



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