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One of the fundamental themes of what we can consider operative astrology is understanding each of the twelve workshops that correspond to the twelve zodiacal houses, through understanding the work that each of these workshops or houses proposes to be done. There are thus twelve areas of life, which I symbolically named gymnasium, bank, newsroom, daycare center, stage, hospital, company, therapy, university, parliament, guild and temple. These areas of life are directly influenced by the energies of the twelve zodiac houses which are the twelve workshops, in the Sumerian tradition, the existence of the twelve areas of knowledge is associated with the legend of Enkil and Enlil, a legend that is at the origin of the first book of the bible, the book of Genesis, which is also the first book of the Pentateuch, one of the books of the Jewish religion, where the Kabbalah, the basis of the modern tarot, is also based. Thus, astrology and tarot are closely linked to worldly life, and houses are their symbolic representation.

Knowing that each of these areas of knowledge and life are associated with a set of behaviors and rules, which are learned from the operative capacity of these energies, I started thinking about what Neurolinguistic Programming exercises I could develop for each of these areas of knowledge. In order to make those who work in them more competent, this way of looking at astrology is from an operational point of view, that is, from a point of view of what can be done with the energies in order to work in the various areas of life. Develop self-knowledge, knowledge of the values of the area of life, knowledge of the evolution of that area of life and finally the practical course with techniques that can enhance the development and improvement of the capabilities to be developed in each of the areas of life in question.

I woke up to the need to describe and structure a work, which could serve as a mat for all areas of life, the twelve areas of life, which are linked to the twelve operational workshops. This is how we find the first four workshops, which have to do with our own interiority or our own identity. The first workshop has to do with physical and bodily responsibility, the second with financial and recursive responsibility, the third with communicational and journalistic responsibility and finally the fourth with emotional and sentimental responsibility.

Next are the four workshops that I call relationship, in these workshops the relationship between the self and the other, who is next to me, is essentially fulfilled, and they have to do with the need to be companions and to serve those who are closer. If the first four workshops work with us in silence and observation of ourselves, the next four have their touchstone in the relationship with others. The responsibility of the fifth workshop, the stage, is the affective and creative responsibility, active and vibrant in the relationship between oneself and the other, the sixth workshop, the hospital, the labor and servant responsibility, because it is a passive energy and not In the seventh workshop, conjugal and business responsibility is activated, which involves deepening the communication of relationships between two and finally, in the eighth workshop, therapy, where we reach feelings, the core of intimate relationships, here the responsibility is intimate and sexual, where we work on transcendence of the relationship.

​Finally, the last four workshops, the so-called higher workshops, deal with the way we relate to the world and to communities, whether these communities are universities, bodies of political power, popular power such as guilds or churches or spiritual movements. , here the responsibility in the university is civil and legal, in parliament it is political and institutional, in the guild it is social and individual, in the temple it is spiritual and unconscious.

The four workshops that I call the relationship are the stage workshop, the way we project ourselves into the world and in which the need for affective responsibility or the relationship between the self and the other is found, this is the workshop where we work on the element fire, to put it at the service of others, through our own internal dynamics. It is in this workshop that we create the energy of first meetings, which is also the essential energy, to be able to find the partner with whom we are going to form the partnership of our life, and here the fundamental rule or responsibility that we have to implement is emotional responsibility, which in very synthetic terms, means respecting others, always telling the truth regarding our intentions.

It is true that in this workshop, first of all, we must work on our self-love, and then we will be able to realize that in life and in the world there are a multitude of people and opportunities to relate, and that we must always try to find, through the best version of ourselves, through a life of meaning. So we must look for compatibility, with someone who can help us grow and work, the companion to whom we must hand over the gloves, who is the one for whom we have the greatest respect and esteem, because we all need a companion to progress on our physical journey, spiritual, mental and sentimental.

If the fifth workshop forces us to think primarily about when the relationship awakens, when it begins, when we take the stage, when we take the initiative to reach out to that person we admire, the sixth workshop has to do with service and dedication to others, with the work we dedicate ourselves to, but also with the need to take care of ourselves, our physical and spiritual health. This area of life is dominated by the responsibility of service and work in favor of the truth, of listening to our internal truth and that of others, without judgement. Here we root the need to be for others, a servant, and this is the basis of construction human.

The seventh workshop is the one where we work on our ability to be in relationship, it is the deepening of the fifth workshop, if in the first we are just creating an initial contact, feeling the energy of the other, in the seventh the nature of the relationship is communicated to both , the knowledge and exposure of our own nature to others, the mirror and the mask have fallen. The rules for a marital relationship are a little different, so marital or partnership responsibility requires in-depth exposure, it is a relationship of trust in mirroring, which requires us to give ourselves unconditionally in terms of communication and balance in what we do and discernment necessary, to be able to anticipate possible conflicts in our temperaments. Here we do not work from the fire of passion, but from the rational ability to help each other and work in partnership, towards a common goal and a sustainable family.

If the fifth workshop has to do with fire, the sixth workshop with the stability of the earth, the seventh workshop with the versatility of air, the mental capacity to create narratives, which allow us to form sustainable partnerships, the eighth workshop has to do with intimate responsibility, which in some sense can even be sexual, where we work from feelings, without reservations or barriers, just like water we must be able to adapt and create in an adaptive way, capacities for interaction and transformation through the ability to deepen the our personalities in dialogue, and here there is the bridge to something greater for the descendants, the transcendence of our individualities.

In the eighth workshop we also work on internal transformation, which can lead us to knowledge of others, as a way of managing what belongs to them and belongs to us, together, and therefore it is absolutely essential that feelings are also worked on when we want to create a family or a base from which we can make our greatest contribution to the world, which are our children.

It is now important to clarify the reason why I decided to begin my work on operative astrology and to confess in some way how this all began. In 2020 I went through a very serious health situation and this made me feel the need to enjoy life like I had never done before, among many tarot astrology and yoga courses, I ended up taking a neurolinguistic programming training called HDP, it was while I was browsing the Internet looking for content to write and develop my work in the area of astrology and I came across Larissa Alencar. Right away, the way she promoted her program told me a lot, I realized that there was a very strong connection in the way she thought about the aesthetics of relationships, but she was above all gifted in the physical posture she adopted in communication, in the ability to connect with the speech, in the directness and simplicity with which he approached the themes he developed, based on neurolinguistic knowledge.

She made me realize that somehow the achievement that has to do with the stage, with the fifth house, has very specific rules, or principles that have to be followed, otherwise we won't be able to succeed in that area of life, so Self-love, a world of abundance, a life with meaning and emotional responsibility are absolutely basic principles for anyone who wants to have a healthy relationship.

The moment in which I was sure that a master had appeared before me and that that stage of my life was absolutely essential, came when she told a little about her personal story and how she developed, throughout her life, a taste for very big for public speaking and contacting people. Under the influence of her father, an essential figure in her life, she trained in accounting and from there set up companies in the clothing and footwear sector, but little by little her taste for human relationships determined the path that made her adapt, the Business COACHING to human relationships, and in particular to emotional relationships.

In fact, it was at the moment, when her relationship with her first boyfriend ended, who mentally was everything she had wanted, that she realized that there are triggers and rules for attraction to work, just as there are rules for maintaining a healthy relationship, without the knowledge of these triggers and the development of appropriate conduct, through behavior conducive to the creation of greater desire, the woman can gradually lose respect and consequently attraction, there is obviously an ethical side, but there is also the the need for both partners to be exactly as they are and not be afraid that the relationship will end, if it has to be, since freedom and independence are two of the biggest factors for a relationship to be constantly renewed and to last over time.

And the essential reason is the responsibility we have to have towards others, the touchstone of any relationship is responsibility, whether emotional, work, marital or even intimate, even in man-woman relationships, it is absolutely essential, that there is truth and transparency about what one is feeling and a perception, that self-respect, which emanates respect for others, is much more important than behaviors marked by fear of loss or co-dependence, which degenerate in more or less express manipulation.

It was essential to understand through that woman's words that there are not that many differences in terms of what we are as human beings and what we expect from others, that above all is respect, that is the only and true gift of a relationship, when you You lose respect, when for some reason you are afraid and don't expose exactly what you live, build, think and feel, even if it isn't beautiful, everything tends to fall apart. When we are too mental and perceive things from what we desire, and not from what exists, we live and build from a rational point of view, and not from an emotional point of view, at that moment, everything can easily fall apart. .

It was without much surprise that I discovered that her sign was Libra and Leo ascendant, there was a genuine desire in her to prove that although there is a mental side to humans, there is a deeply physical, animal side, which comes from our central cortex. , the so-called reptilian brain, this somehow causes there to be a search for protection in women and a natural tendency to reproduce in men. These feelings have to be calibrated, through constant emotional responsibility. My teacher from the seventh house gave me a clear understanding of why her first relationship did not develop as expected and why somehow the relationship I maintained for more than twenty years ended with the loss of admiration and respect. .

There are a set of warning signs, which allow us to understand when something is not right in a human relationship and the most obvious sign of all, is when there is no respect and emotional responsibility, this occurs mainly because the man or woman gives up their values, of imposing themselves in the relationship, which leads to the gradual loss of admiration for the one who does not impose themselves, which results in a devaluation in which whoever does so considers the other a child and not an adult man or woman, in that sense when a relationship is not guided by emotional responsibility, sooner or later it ends in deep enmity and conflict, because lies always end up being discovered and betrayal determines the complete loss of respect.

It is therefore absolutely essential and necessary that there is no staging on the man's part, or an attempt to correspond to what he thinks the woman is and likes, and on the woman's part, exactly the same posture. Fantasy and lies, sooner or later, may be discovered. It is absolutely essential that there is truth, authenticity and above all, knowledge that there are processes that do not operate rationally and that no one properly chooses who they fall in love with, there is no explanation as to why one is attracted to someone, since This results from a series of internal biochemical processes and mental processes, based on the need for procreation, in men, and the need for security, in women.

One of the greatest attraction factors is without a doubt detachment, the ability that someone has to work on themselves, have goals and dedicate themselves to something that makes them happy, fulfilled and complete, it is the greatest attraction that can be had, for that a woman or a man actually feel attracted to the other. Thus, one must seek, first of all, to structure oneself, and let things end up unfolding naturally, constantly trying to adapt to what one thinks the other is, causes depersonalization, if become a factor of rupture and conflict, and above all of distrust, in relation to others, which necessarily leads to disrespect and the end of emotional responsibility. Thus, the first four workshops, the basic workshops, play an essential role, so that the individual can develop their work, in the relationship workshops.

Affective responsibility is ultimately knowing that the other deserves the same or identical respect as all other human beings. By this I mean that if someone realizes that staying with a person implies the suffering of a third party, there is no emotional responsibility, I am specifically referring to extramarital relationships, in which the relationship and the search for it essentially become a point of departure. In view of sexual satisfaction, desire, libido and not exactly respect for the other human being, this type of relationships, when they occur successively, lead to the individual losing emotional responsibility and ceasing to respect others.

Having emotional responsibility is knowing that if a woman or man is in a serious relationship with another man or woman, this implies that that woman or man is not available for a relationship, the respect that the other man or other woman, deserves us, must be superior to our own need for satisfaction, and the opposite must also be true.

If we think about it, we realize exactly that there is an infinite number of women and men in the world and that in this sense we are not restricted to one person, there are thousands of people and thousands of opportunities to meet other human beings, there must, however, always be respect for all human beings. A relationship does not have to be made in suffering, or on the suffering of a third party, the fact of someone falling in and out of love, must be communicated and explained to the person who is the partner, and there must be that sincerity and authenticity at all times, this It implies the respect that any human being deserves from us, and in this sense we can only have a quality life if we effectively realize that it does not have to be based on the suffering of others.

These four rules that form the creed of house five are not very different from the four rules that form house seven, marital responsibility also implies once again understanding that there is a family, that there are children, that there is a commitment established from the moment when there is a family and there is an obligation beyond being contractual, through the marriage contract. This responsibility is essentially of a physical and moral nature, marriages can be broken, but there must not be a premeditated intention in doing so, realizing that firstly the person must be balanced and love themselves, be upfront about their own feelings, verbalize them and communicate constantly with each other, so that there can be a continuous delivery, between the two energies, which form the couple and which in some way are the wake of the family.

This respect that must exist in the marital relationship and also in the intimate relationship, must be extended to all people involved in the relationship, it is not uncommon in our days for open relationships to exist, but once again if there is emotional responsibility, there will have to be a moment in which issues of respect and freedom will have to be brought to light, and in this sense the relationship will naturally evolve to another level.

Unfortunately, we live in a society in which, nowadays, disrespect for the basic rules of relationships is increasingly common. This also applies to work relationships, which are guided by the same obligation towards the employer. What we were looking at here regarding affective, conjugal and intimate responsibility must also necessarily exist, in a service relationship between two human beings, this work, which has essentially to do with the relationship between man and woman, does not deviate from the relationship between man and man, and woman and woman. This does not mean that it cannot adapt to other types of relationships or collective relationships, in any case the biological issue must always be considered.

Each responsibility corresponds to freedom, in its positive sense, bodily, financial, communicational, emotional, affective, labor, marital, intimate, legal, political, social and spiritual freedom. So ultimately the workshops serve the freedom of man.



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