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The film Chasing Mavericks brings us to reflect on the existence of 4 essential pillars of nature or human foundation, these are the 4 pillars, the physical pillar, the mental pillar, the spiritual pillar and the emotional pillar. These 4 dimensions effectively exist in the entire dimension of human nature, which here unfolds into 3 clear dimensions: the individual dimension, the relational dimension and the social dimension. If we multiply the 3 dimensions by the 4 pillars we find 12 completely distinct areas of life that complement each other and from which we can define the entire sphere of human activity in operational matters that effectively covers what we call the 12 workshops.

When we think about the physical pillar we effectively think about its triple dimension, that is, as a personal body that we have to work through an adaptive discipline of our constant behaviors in order to challenge the body to modify itself in an active and persistent way, constantly adapting to our ability to leave our comfort zone to achieve increasingly higher levels of efficiency. Equally in the domain of what is relational, we must be able to relate to our audience with others in a conscious way, working on that inner fire in order to bring to others what is our deepest expression of creativity and individuality based on what It is our essence and not our ego. And finally, when we are able to construct a thesis in which we are actors not only in a play in relation to the Public, we intend to seduce, but in relation to what it means to place us in third and fourth position before the universe, getting to know different cultures and trips, being able to elevate our higher state vibration and in this context realize that the third and fourth perception of reality, that is, when we put ourselves in the shoes of third parties who have different cultures from us, we can also truly perceive their body and its existence as essential to humanity.

Likewise, the spiritual pillar appears to be essential so that we can be responsible for our resources and the way we manage them in a healthy way in order to create sufficient stability so that these same resources transformed into added value can generate their own stability, that is, multiply without us having the need to permanently intervene or support what are its dependencies. Learning to manage our own money and to manage our personal economy is just the first step in which we have to work hard, like when we work on the body, then work with resources or work with the body or with communication or even with what the Our past traumas imply daily and permanent work, perhaps the 4 workshops most deeply linked to our basic sense of survival. Also from a relational point of view, the spiritual pillar has to do with the mission of service and work in relation to others with the way in which we give ourselves to others missionally with the intention of saving and at the same time protecting not only our physical health and mental as those to whom we dedicate ourselves and give ourselves as a personal and life mission and without a doubt when we do this, we overcome our own selfish Vision and we are able to perceive the universality of the service and from here we definitely turn towards those who are the workshops that deal with service to others and the transformation of humanity. In this same register and from the point of view of the social workshop linked to the spiritual pillar and here we talk about the ability we have to have to deal with power, it is much more than serving others or having a mission of service down to the smallest details. Our personal mission is the ability to understand the masses and the disciplinary need is to create limits that allow us to live and relate in such a way that there are solid marble institutions that can somehow sustain the changes of common times.

Then we must also be able to structure and substantiate our mental pillar, and the first dimension of this mental plane is the workshop that works on communication, we must be able to understand that it is through the dissociation of reality from the creation of internal and external paths in us. that we are able to understand the unmet needs not only of ourselves but of others, we will be able to truly transform our communication into communication that is more than proactive and effectively transformative of realities and lives, we will be able to understand that communication creates bridges but is also capable of destroying through its noise everything that is around it, mixing and decontextualizing when it is not done with an ethical sense of service and truth based on facts and realities that focus us, essentially in a communicational and journalistic responsibility that we must be sensitive to others, to those who are close to us and to our brothers because ultimately we are all brothers and sisters and we must support each other from our Heart. When we think from a relational point of view, this same mental pillar begins to structure the way we communicate with others, knowing that it is through mirroring their own senses and ways of being in life that we can better understand and adapt in the first phase and then present what is our own identity our vision of life and the world that is as different and personal as our own experience and transformation that we undergo throughout our lives and without a doubt when we think from a relational point of view our communication and begin to structure us no longer from the initial mirroring, but from what is our own identity and set of values that we can truly bring to the other our own personal Vision of life and the world that he will confront with his own and we will move from mirroring for the solid construction of truths in which the discernment of what is real becomes even more evident and allows us to build a solid society of values from which the family is formed. Finally, from a social point of view, when we take this mental pillar and transform it into what is the defense of collective interests through the individual will of those who form the interest group, the guild or, if we prefer, the union, we truly begin to realize that any collective interest comes first from individual interests that are exercised together, this democratic capacity to organize ourselves in defense of those that are our collective interests that can truly change politics, transforming the marble of the Senate into a true society that permanently adapts to new situations and that transforms the lives and worlds of others into new spaces for dialogue and transformation. Only when we are able to transcend what is the evidence of conflict between different individualities, reaching transformative agreement, can we create new instruments based on science and technology and everything it offers us in order to create an increasingly plural society that is open and accepts differences and, above all, reviews what communication is and uses communication as a basic instrument for building society instead of functional hypocrisy and the structures of the past where lies and illusion were the basis of the destruction of human life.

Finally we arrive at what is the emotional pillar and when we base ourselves on our feelings, and are able to look at another human being that we truly change, but to reach that stage of looking at the other we have to first look inside and understand exactly what are our traumas, the difficulties we go through throughout our existence from the time we were born until we were shaped by our family in all our most specific and different aspects. Only by being fully aware of our family life and everything we suffered in terms of traumas but also in terms of memories that shaped us and made us increasingly human that gave us the dignity and ability to love others as ourselves because we also receive affection, support and transform ourselves into beings capable of being greater than our own fears and difficulties and it is there in this inherent capacity that we have to give new meaning to all the acts that took place in our lives and all the moments with new meanings that truly mean nothing. space are to transform the present, past and future reality based on what is our own ability to forgive ourselves and heal ourselves from those who are our own internal obstacles, the ability we have to free ourselves from karmas that are nothing more than tendencies cancers that are developed within us and to which we must respond with the strength of our love for ourselves and others as being the essential basis of the transformation of humanity from our own essence. And so, in the essence of that same knowledge of our own difficulties and traumas, we look at each other from a relational point of view and we are capable of, in a Scorpionic and assertive way, telling others where their own problems are as we tell ourselves and We are capable of forgiving others and forming a family with them because we know that effectively everyone here in this space, which is our worldly existence, are beings in formation and constant transformation in which we are neither better nor worse than anyone else and in which we are capable of realizing that it is through of the latent sexuality in life that we transform into what is the next generation and then finally realize that we have formed a reality that surpasses us that is more than ourselves, thus making the leap to the workshops that are social, that are effectively no longer of the point from an individual and basic point of view, not from a relational and secondary point of view but from a final social point of view of transformation of what are universal principles and values where we can really see ourselves in all our unique reality as being a family as being a single reality that we form from our shared essence. We then arrive at the third moments of this emotional pillar, we then talk about what the great religions are, what the spiritualities shared among humanity are, when we delve into our own essence, this essence, which is based on the collective unconscious and subconscious that constantly forms and transforms us to the shared universal reality where, in addition to our own identity that struggles to assert itself and that asserts itself within others, at the same time, we accept diversity and at the same time make this acceptance also a process of dissolution, but an active dissolution in which we do not stop having our own identity and our ability to assert ourselves, but rather the ability to realize that each individuality is like a drop that forms the ocean in which we feel integrated and in that same ocean that forms God, and which is the unity, of all things, we can truly feel that we are the unity of the cosmos and from there feel that all the workshops had their purpose to reach this final and final one in which emotions are fully shared collectively and where we truly are completely welcomed since our childhood. Going through what our relationship with our partner is, finally arriving at this notion of collective unity in what is the essence of the shared unconscious and subconscious where we truly manage, through others, to reach ourselves and make the way back into what it is our own sense of personal reality through the eyes of humanity.



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