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“The fault in our stars”, is a film adapted from a novel of the same name written by John Green, which tells the story of a young woman who fights cancer every day. It is a story of resilience, but also a story of love, and above all other subjects it is about gratitude and hope. It is not easy to explain how a beautiful love story can emerge in the midst of a seemingly doomed reality, but if we think in more detail, life itself is a daily miracle even for those who do not face constant challenges to overcome their difficulties.

The beauty of life has to do with perenniality, what distinguishes us and makes us special in relation to eternal beings, if they exist, is that while angels or immortals do not have their days numbered, human beings They struggle daily with their own survival, our time is always running out. This perception that time is scarce and seems to constantly escape us, becomes much clearer when we face terminal illnesses such as cancer, those who live with this condition or any condition that limits the duration of life, with chronic disabling and limiting lethal illnesses , you know perfectly well that the simple fact of being alive means you have to be grateful.

Gratitude is the only truth that keeps us and all of us who fight daily against the threat of an unpredictable and immediate end even more sudden than that of any other mortal. This is precisely why we want to leave a mark and a presence in this world, even if its meaning is only remembered by one person. The story of Hazel and Augustus, or simply Gus, is the story of two young people who refuse to give in to oblivion, it is also a story of courage, of persistent resistance to pain and suffering, of Hope and above all of constant overcoming in the face of a life completely beyond your control.

How does living with a terminal illness, how does living with a chronic illness constantly consume Hope, Youth and sanity? And how do we live this same reality as young people in the 21st century, knowing that the future is totally uncertain?

The generations that lived after the 60s of the last century are known as MILLENNIALS, or generations z and y, only in fact the young adults of the 21st century who look at the world disappearing and who at the same time constantly recreate themselves and learn to survive. At the beginning of the century there was a lot of talk about indigos and crystals, the need to change the world and transform society, however, sometimes the challenge is much more catastrophic. We often face the real catastrophe of not knowing when our last good day will be, we don't know exactly what will happen to us in the next moment because we don't know when the disease will steal another moment of peace and sanity from us. between eras, we live between moments that can be magnificent, but can also be our last.

For generations time was calculated in a metric way everything was predicted, Today we increasingly live in a total inconstancy that for many could be considered magnificent and challenging but for those who live in constant uncertainty the only thing that can be felt is a profound injustice, a deep pain, the pain of having a future interrupted may not even be right, but even in a scenario like this where it seems like we were robbed and our happiness was taken away, we are able to give thanks for what we have, realizing that every moment is unique and magnificent and that we must look with humor at the difficult moments that life has in store for us on a permanent basis.

This film tells me a lot, not to say that it tells me everything, the fact that I am also struggling with an illness or rather with this illness, makes it increasingly clear that time is pressing, that it is necessary to give in because if I want to serve or carry out the execution of my mission, I will necessarily have to give myself up in the time I have left and in this sense the questions that Hazel asked Van Hoyte, writer of her favorite novel, make perfect sense, it is urgent to know how to finish the story, it is urgent understand the why the meaning the reason for being here to give testimony.

And maybe the answer really lies in the stars, maybe it's not guilt, maybe it's gratitude that we need to maintain, only by letting go of the blame and weights do we truly find ourselves again. Gus did what I knew best: being strong, being protective, being affectionate, being a friend, because those who teach often don't have the courage to do it, and as he responded to writer Van Hoyte, he might not be good with words, but I knew how to be a good and decent human being. Hazel and Gus risk living, because life is short, because there is no time to waste, because it is worth being here and being grateful for every day.

This is the fundamental magic, and when we live in a society increasingly obsessed with the spotlight and “likes” with a horrible fear of loneliness, we forget that many people do not even have a space to breathe, health is without a doubt our most precious asset and We only realized how important it is, I don't get involved because we no longer have it. Most people complain about their salaries and living conditions, which are undoubtedly terrible these days, especially in countries experiencing greater difficulties, but they often forget that those who are not healthy cannot actually enjoy what they have.

In the inability to enjoy ourselves and in a consumer society, we live, in Hazel's words, a 10 out of 10 of pain, that is, we do not have the capacity to bear more pain, be courageous and be able to bear the pain of 9 out of 10 in the hope of having the It's the moment when you can finally handle 10 out of 10. Only those who struggle daily with their limitations and constantly struggle to overcome their barriers between good days and bad days, between days when they manage to achieve their goals and say they need stop truly can understand these words.

Gratitude is the only thing we should have when things go well, when we can truly feel happy because momentarily we are able to be on what is the last good day, because we don't know when we will be in that moment again, of peace in communion with God and in gratitude with the universe. I confess that this film had already been zapped to me a few times, but I had never had the time to fully listen and to meditate on what it wants to convey to us, I confess that I have not read the book and that I was tempted to acquire and have experience of reading that It is always different in time and content than a film. I would say, however, about the film that it expresses very well the state of the soul and the way one lives when one is expecting the worst to happen at any moment.

Today's society is obsessed with image and the need to not be alone, as Byung Chu Lee would say, we live in a society of loneliness, but that is not the worst of evils, the worst of evils is the constant need to be important. , when in fact, what should concern us and the need we should meet was to be happy, grateful, fulfilled and above all content with ourselves and with the circumstances and with the health that smiles at us at times. Only when circumstances are absolutely untenable and death looms at every moment, our mind changes and we begin to live each day as if it were the last, from the moment we realize that our condition is like that of the butterfly, totally perennial and without any hope of salvation or continuity we realize that we have to surrender, we accept our vulnerability, and that this moment is not the time to waste moments and we start to make it count. It is in vulnerability that everything becomes clearer that we gain the strength to protect, because we will not be given second chances and because we want to live and be solar in someone's life. It doesn't matter how much longer we live, knowing that it's not fair but that what has been reserved for us is our own destiny, and when we start to accept it we start to be grateful for each moment we start to give more value to what we have and to preserving these moments and experiences, the need to want to have more and more positive experiences is absolutely natural because it is what makes each day bearable and existence makes sense.

Gus does not survive against all expectations since it was thought that Hazel could actually pass away, the truth is that life is totally unpredictable, we often believe that we can last forever because that is the only way to bear the inevitability of death. In a way, the sometimes arrogant way in which Gus looked at things was also a challenge, but it was strength and the ability to face his destiny and bring Hope to himself and Hazel, because the important thing here in this world when we don't have A certain future ahead of us is to be grateful, maintain Hope and have a certain sense of humor and for that we need to think big we need to overcome ourselves permanently to be able to have the experiences in the time that we still have left and that is given to us because that is to be human. But more importantly, this film is a powerful love story, and for those who attend relationship courses, as was the case with me when I attended HDP, by Professor Larissa, it is ironic that anyone who is trying to survive and achieve their goals remains I live being grateful and happy for your existence ends up becoming terribly seductive.

Anyone who doesn't even think about it because their only goal is to stay alive and make their life a meaningful experience ends up being guided by something greater, making the choices they need so that in some way they don't let their experience in this world and this your passage is insignificant. In this search personified in the film by Gus, which is the search of those who are here to give meaning to this experience, it is absolutely necessary to serve, it is absolutely necessary to let something touch someone and more than just one person, the world, as he himself recognized, was not easy with his physical limitations and his short lifespan made a big difference, but for him the discovery of Hazel was absolutely essential to pursue his project to be true to himself and to have the opportunity to experience the journey of a lifetime to meet her. of your own destiny.

The journey that allowed them to live in their love story, and through it to understand the essential mystery of life. We don't live in this world long enough to be able to do something very significant, and even those who do something significant, millennia will erase everything they did, so what really counts is the difference we can make in the life of someone very specific in our family. of the person we love, who is next to us and we really want.

When I look through the classes on personal growth courses and when I study what should be done, I also notice that often those who teach these same courses still debate Today with existential pains not having been able to not having had the courage the ability to live is pain at 10 point 10, because Hazel was right when she said that 10 point 10 appears when we least expect it, and that when it comes, it comes to teach us something but also to make us realize that through gratitude for everything we It was and because of the positive marks we left on others, that life was worth living. I can't find a better definition of love than the one Hazel gives, when she gives a speech to Gus, and which she didn't have the courage to say on the day of his death. We don't know the size of our infinities, but what really counts is making a difference in each other's lives, those we love deeply, those who are always by our side who give us security and who assure us that we are loved. If for Hazel, security, trust and Gus' stability were her anchor, for Gus, the story was courage and above all the strength with which Hazel responded pragmatically to all the challenges that life threw at her or the way she laughed. death together with him, made the simple fact of being together enough to no longer care about the impact it could have on the world.

Love is not said, it is felt, what truly matters in this existence is to feel, to feel everything at once and to share that feeling. It is necessary to endure pain, because it is part of life, it is impossible to live without pain, but it is in this pain that lies the courage to continue and overcome ourselves, and when we face our difficulties, our fears every day, but we are able to put them aside to listen to the other, to listen and to marvel at what he brings us to our world. It is at that moment that we show that we are alive and that we will not allow death to come sooner. And fighting daily against death is fighting daily against the limitations that we overcome and it is in that moment that we feel grateful to be here and share life with those we love.

When we do this, reality changes, it becomes much clearer that the purpose exists and that what we do daily matters not only for us but for someone who is also with us in our challenges. The act of falling in love, the act of loving are natural acts. The context is worth very little, the conditions can always be overcome, the attitude is born and you need to know yourself in order to go deeper and continue. When there is the same language, when the other gives us a permanent rebuttal, that's all we say, when what we say matters to the other, and when what the other says to us impacts us, we don't need to learn that conversations have three levels, we don't need know what to say because intuitively we will end up knowing exactly what is right to say. Wanting to transform the miracle of existence into something perceivable through rational codes is perhaps the greatest madness we can do.

Still, there is no greater madness than to stop feeling and try to react rationally, emotionally, physically or spiritually to the palpitations of our human nature. Gus simply spoke the same language, he had the same condition as Hazel, that's why everything made sense to them both, that's why they embraced the same challenge and that's why they stayed together until the end in their own condition, in their own need, to make sense in the world. in overcoming you want your mark of existence. Being human, being fragile is the greatest privilege for which we should be grateful. Only in fragility do we find the strength to overcome ourselves, only in fragility do we find our own strength and give it to others in sharing, in compassion, in love.



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