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Will Ohmsford was there before himself, years passed over the sacrifice of his beloved Amberley, the inability to understand his sacrifice, or the simple realization that having a mission destined at birth could not be a guarantee that his internal frailties would be irremediably resolved.

The image of the half-elf, who becomes aware of his capabilities by using his magical blue stones to correct the errors of the world and rescue the Memory of his father and his family, in no way erases his immaturity and inability to deal with the feelings, with yours and those of your beloved Amberley.

Somehow his inner struggle with his feelings, with his inability to bury the image of the past, the ego that forms from an image of an innocent young man who loved more than anything else, that slowly gives way, to a half-elf who has the ambition to restore his family's name, namely his father Shanara, who sacrificed himself in the name of the people and who somehow took away the chance of having a father present, a family and the possibility of a life simple.

The only great ambition of that young man was to continue innocently working together with his uncle on his father's Que Fora farm, completely ignoring that his father had been a sacrifice in order to save the five kingdoms.

What should be an immense honor to be the son of the first shanara and consequently heir to the 3 blue stones that allowed you to invoke divine power against the forces of darkness were just an immense burden that you had to have.

If it weren't for that emotional and personal burden that forced him to live a life according to what the world expected of him, perhaps he would have had time to strengthen himself in relation to the woman he would come to know as Amberley, princess of the half-elves for whom would fall madly in love.

She, too, had made the choice that her family had asked her to sacrifice on Hellcriss, the tree that was supposed to remain alive with the blood of the innocent, just as he himself was destined to shed his blood, to save his Kingdom and in that way more. once associate his name with the salvation of the five.

On the way he meets the princess of the gypsies, Eritrea, who somehow possessed immense magical powers, but whose upbringing had diverted her towards a life of crime. Eritrea steals the three stones from the young man, who is still innocent in the first season of the series. Shanara's chronicles make the essential plot develop between Will's love for Amberley, developing a love triangle with Eritrea, too, since this is interposed, between the two half-elf, the three end up forming a great friendship.

In the second season of the series, after Amberley's sacrifice, we find Will, bowed to his own personal experience, in which he tries to escape his past, tries to forget a love that hurts him deeply, because he was unable to be faithful to his mission, the mission of the two, he feels within himself an obligation towards others towards the world, hence he tries to serve through his gifts, namely his ability to provide medical service in the community.

However his hands are constantly trembling which prevents him from to be firm when carrying out operations, he therefore took refuge in the very stones that are his gift, but which essentially oblige him to overcome his fears and impel him to take up the sword again and defend the kingdom as is his duty, thus leaving from staying hidden in his newly discovered profession as a doctor to escape the reality that his innocence was left behind a long time ago and that he now has to face life as the adult man that he is and that he can no longer live in innocence.

The whole series revolves around this lost innocence, the knowledge of what was the certainty that it was a simple love that was worth it, as if it were possible to choose what we are and what we want to be, avoiding what life wants to give us.

Young Will is thus confronted with the greatest of fears, the certainty that Eritrea is not at all trustworthy, as no woman is, since it is more important than the meaning of life and the mission that the man has to have. The hard way, he learns that it's much more important to develop a tone and a skill than to be trapped in a woman's memories.

For Eritrea, the pain is even greater, a woman who has lived her whole life marked by an absent father who, however, has taught her everything that was wrong, a young woman used to being believed in, ends up finding in deceit and lies which makes the young half-elf to remove the stones, his greatest ordeal.

This is because the one she had known as a gullible young man, and who was the only person who believed in her innocence, ended up being a victim of her weakness and fragility in trying to impress a family, a father, as being a true thief, who could be accepted in her family. family because until then she had always been considered inept for the function of highwayman.

For Eritrea, Will represented the only trace of purity and true friendship authenticity, but the truth is that she did not recognize him as a man, but rather as a boy who needed to be protected as if he were her dependent, but not a man i would like to be in her life.

Will thus sees himself stripped of his life, ending up being the recovery of the stones and then his own survival without the support of Amberley that he sacrificed on a mission and that he can never love again, and the young man who had deposited all her love and hope, but that also could not be reciprocated because the two had had a completely wrong history for each other that could not be redeemed.

The hero's path then goes through transforming himself, he has someone who is safe not for Amberley or Eritrea, but for himself, with whom he has to deal alone with his own challenges and qualities. His innocence dies, this death of innocence also the death of the ego, then that connection they had had in which everything was perfect and in which he felt himself as someone perfect for being pure innocence and for having a mission absolutely full of good feelings, is replaced by the need to survive, to anticipate the blows before they are dealt, knowing that your head is at a price and that you cannot stop, because if you do, you could be a victim of fate.

It is in this context that he ends up being found by someone who, like him, intends to fulfill his mission, the daughter of Analon, ends up admiring him and recognizing his ability to not depend on anything or anyone, but that man, who already he is no longer a child who loses his innocence due to being deceived by Eritrea and staying away from Amberley and its salvific mission, he no longer has the ability to get involved or love as his whole life has been marked by the need to survive.

Will is thus an unlikely hero, but without a doubt the path that any man has to take to know himself, it implies abandoning his defenses, assuming his weaknesses, as he himself ends up doing when he is found by the daughter of Analon , because that mission becomes true.

From the beginning he was destined not to have a beautiful love story, a family, or children, but rather to fulfill a mission, the defense of the five kingdoms, because after all he was Shanara, his mission was more important than to Amberley, his life was devoted to protecting everyone else and making an even greater sacrifice, and perhaps through death and transformation he could find again that woman who was his complete match.

However, he lived the story that for others could be a fairy tale, with immense suffering as it was sacrifice after sacrifice that was now permanently demanded. That was a moment when he questioned himself about reality, when Eritrea returns to him, waiting for his usual friend, but finally finding the price for her betrayal, he no longer loved or trusted her.

On the other hand and without surprises, because after all, he had become as human as she was, which made them more experienced in life. Stories do not always end in the best way, they had lost each other because when they met for the first time he was involved in the childhood ego unable to separate from his immaturity and she was not yet aware that she had had her chance in that moment and that now the only thing that could be known about each other, for the opportunity had passed and time did not return.

The fact that all opportunities had failed did not make him attached to his ego, in fact he had grounded that boy he had been in the past, he was completely committed to his obligations, namely those that involved defending the five kingdoms.

The great mission is always being able to bury the past, that feeling that that love the first time we were innocent is what defines us forever and that it's impossible to love again at least in a true and innocent way, everything what comes next is no longer love but just interest and purpose when in fact it is another way of being in life and that although what we were was complete innocence that we applied in that first love I will never return, it is possible to have a new, truer relationship authentic and real, which even if it is not worth what the ego tells us, comes from a constructed essence that does not seek to be perfect but real.

The challenge is to continue to allow ourselves, despite everything that was buried behind, to live, I would be able to give new things a chance to happen even if our innocence and initial fragility has died in us, because only after the death of frailties, the strength and essence of a true friendship, of a real love, can be born.



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